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Our vision

The average savings for each of the 6,359 families that bought from us over the last year was 53,587€, 28% of the market price. If you find a home without our help, you will purchase the best one out of 10 or 12 homes that you can view on your own. If you find a home with us, you will purchase the best one out of the 200 or 300 homes listed on the market. Don’t risk buying that third-floor flat for one hundred thousand without even seeing the second-floor flat which is also for sale for just sixty-five thousand. We know!

Advantages of a Real Estate Agent

Considering a real estate agent to sell or buy your house can save you time, money and effort.

A qualified and potential real estate agent is a valuable resource that knows the housing market better and can help in the difficult process of buying and selling.

Real estate is a complex and high risk profession for all those who are trying to find or sell a house on their own. There are many benefits to naming a trained real estate agent and some are listed below.

Not only do they save you time but they also take away the pressure.

Trust in a trained Realtors.

Nuestro equipo




You will have access to our legal department which boasts the experience of more than 5,958 houses sold per year.

This department ensures that the purchase of your new home is correctly handled and offers the reliability of a highly qualified team of specialised professionals.

Save time

The buying and selling process involves the most investment and a lot of work, and you could end up losing a good performance if you plan to do it yourself.

Real estate agents are specialized in their area and have a lot of experience; they know the practical aspects of the housing market that help them understand their need and equalize the perfect result.


We’ll provide you with a free, complete financial assessment including all of the expenses that will form part of your purchase such as Notaries, taxes, booking fees, valuation fees, etc.

We’ll also provide you with a mortgage calculator that will let you select the most convenient mortgage payment from all of the mortgage rates available in the financial system at all times.